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Innovative Carbon Offset Solutions

Join a Carbon offset program that creates results

AgCoTech has created an innovative way for organisations to get receive verifiable carbon credits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock while creating marketable real-world improvements to farming systems.

We are different from other carbon offset programs, mainly focused on planting trees or having significantly longer lead times.

AgCoTech's patented block technology is proven and ready to deliver results.

Benefits Of The Program .


  • Produce less methane and nitrous oxide.
  • Increased overall animal health.
  • Improved nutrition from the available feed.
  • Increased meat and milk production for offspring.
  • Higher cow fertility.
  • Higher cow/calf survival rates.


  • Increased meat and milk production.
  • Higher cow/calf survival rates.
  • More beef, cattle and dairy available to sell.
  • Easier mustering.
  • Improved production for the same amount of work.
  • Improved return on investment and overall wealth improvement.

Local & World Wide Community

  • Significant reduction in methane production.
  • Improved smallholder farmer wealth and reduction in rural poverty.
  • Improved diets of human infants through improved beef/milk production.
  • Increased employment opportunities for both men and women.

Interesting Facts .

Smallholder Farms Average


Head of Cattle

The average smallholder farmer has 3 head of cattle/buffalo. Smallholder farms are common in developing countries.

Decorated Cattle
Developing Countries Have



Currently, there are over 1 billion head of cattle/buffalo in developing countries. Many of these belong to smallholder farmers. AgCoTech plans to manufacture and distribute its medicated block technology to these regions.

Cows after 1
It Is Possible To Offset


of CO2 equivalent per cow       per year

AgCoTech's innovative medicated block technology allows for the reduction of one tonne of CO2 equivalent per year through consumption of feed blocks supplementing local pasture and cut-carry forages.

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