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Our Partnership .

Through our work with BPP, Four Season Co and The University of Sydney – AgCoTech has been able to improve farmers’ productivity and marketability by giving them access to vital cattle supplements.

This partnership aims to reduce poverty by improving the financial security of smallholder farming families in Laos.

Farmers in Laos currently have limited access to nutritional supplement products for their cattle. While Medicated Urea Molasses Blocks (MUMBs) already support livestock production in around 60 tropical countries, they are not currently available in Laos and neighbouring countries.

This partnership gives smallholder farmers access to vital medicated blocks, by delivering them directly to the farm gate.

Since 2017 we have been delivering our medicated block technology to smallholder farms in Laos and working with farmers to introduce best animal welfare and productivity practices on their farms.

This partnership aims to benefit around 10,000 cattle and buffalo farming households by increasing productivity as a result of improved nutrition and reduced disease (reduced calf mortality, reduced adult morbidity, and improved weight gain), with the potential to increase farmer incomes by up to 25 per cent.

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The Partnership Platform .

The BPP is designed as an entry point for new partners, Australian and overseas entities, to work with DFAT to deliver social impact and commercial returns in the region.

For more information about the partnership and supporting research, please visit the BPP website.

Our Partners .

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade .

Trade Partner

DFAT’s expertise in development contributes to building stronger, more inclusive private sector growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

DFAT does this through sharing its deep knowledge of business, political and regulatory environments, access to professional networks and catalytic funding.

University of Sydney .

Research Partner

The University of Sydney has conducted applied research in Laos and Cambodia for almost 10 years. Research partners in Laos include the Department of Livestock and Fisheries, and the faculties of agriculture at two universities: the National University of Laos and Savannakhet.

The University of Sydney oversees testing of the efficacy of different medicated block products and support 4 Season Company in the development of the business model.


4 Season Company .


4 Season Company Pty Ltd has supplied animal nutrition products to rural Australia since 1997.

The company is continuously looking at increasing efficiency in medication administration methods and to develop new and improved products. They collaborate closely with scientists in Australia and elsewhere to identify and address pasture nutrient deficiencies, particularly for tropical beef production.

For this initiative 4 Season set up a feed supplement manufacturing facility in Laos and distribution arrangements.

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The final report on the outcomes of the partnership for the Business Partnerships Platform project is available for download.