Lifting Smallholder Farmers Incomes Across Developing Nations While Fighting Climate Change

We think differently. We provide practical help to cattle farmers in developing countries to improve the wellbeing of their animals and reduce greenhouse gases. We make medicated nutritional lick blocks.

AgCoTech's partnership with Australia’s Government Business Partnership Platform

Research undertaken by Emeritus Professor Peter Windsor, School of Veterinary Science at The University of Sydney, with support from DFAT and Australia’s Business Partnership Program BPP, found medicated molasses blocks for livestock can reduce smallholder farmer poverty & fight climate change.


Medicated Block


Working Together with Local Supply Chains


AgCoTech's Closed Loop Carbon Offset Program

Enhancing livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Laos .

Research developed through Australia's Business Partnerships Platform initiative has developed AgCoTech's business model, where medicated molasses blocks will be produced locally in Laos and other countries to provide low cost supplements to smallholder famers.

For more information on the BPP partnership, please visit our Partners page.

To access Professor Windsor's full research paper, it can be downloaded here.

Our Story .

AgCoTech wanted to do more than just offset carbon, believing carbon offset programs should be able to accomplish more than simply planting a tree.

In addition to developing an innovative way to approach carbon offsetting, AgCoTech is committed to supporting local supply chains to reduce transport carbon footprints, provide local employment which lifts poverty, improves animal health and wellbeing and we encourage gender equality in small agricultural hubs.

After many years of research supported by Sydney University and independent trials all around the world, a patented innovative medicated block technology has been developed.

These medicated blocks allow ruminant (cattle, sheep etc.) to get the maximum nutritional benefit from their feed, resulting in a significant reduction in methane production from the animals and improving their overall health and productivity, which in turn produces higher milk and meat production.

Prof Peter Windsor of the Sydney School of Veterinary Science Australia has issued a report showcasing how these medicated blocks can be used to fight climate change & reduce smallholder farmer poverty. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

AgCoTech plan to manufacture its technology in local hubs, providing local communities with employment opportunities.

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How Can The AgCoTech
Carbon Credit Program Help Your Organisation

Earn Carbon Credits .

Carbon Offset programs are a great way to meet your carbon footprint goals.

Every year awareness of climate change and the importance of taking action become more clear. The public is taking note of organisations' impact on the environment.

Meeting or exceeding a carbon zero footprint is a point of difference with your client base.


Licence to Operate .

Get results your clients will appreciate in half the time.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in months. Provide jobs for women in countries where sweatshop labour is the only option. Improve the health of animals, farms and children in one program. These are all highly valued and marketable results that maintain your licence to operate.


Real Change .

Create measurable, visual change in countries around the world.

Our carbon offset program makes a real social impact. Children are fed better, women get opportunities to work for their communities, farmers have healthier cattle and economies grow.

News & Updates .

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A new research paper has been published on ‘Improved Milk Production from Supplementation of Swamp Buffalo with Molasses Nutrient Blocks Containing 10% Urea’. Click here to access the full paper written by Peter Windsor, Susan Martin, Syseng Khounsy, James Young, Peter Thomson and Russell Bush. Abstract Milk production from Asiatic swamp buffalo is a new enterprise…
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Investors .

A successful carbon offset program must have economies of scale. We want to build facilities in developing countries to maximise the ability to reduce carbon emissions, improve quality of life for smallholder farmers and generate real change.

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