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Reduced Rumen Methane Eructation in Smallholder Cattle and Buffalo

Simple Summary:

Addressing the global climate change emergency requires reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) from farmed large ruminants, particularly in developing countries with inefficient large ruminant production systems, are addressed. Recent studies in Laos found that emissions control molasses blocks (ECB) achieved a change in emission intensity reducing enteric emissions by 470 kg CO2e per block consumed by large ruminants.

To enhance GHGe mitigation, dietary supplementation with a potential methane-reducing feed mix supplement was conducted with large ruminants in Laos. Dry cows (n=11) and lactating buffalo (n=7) were offered a chopped feed mix supplement containing plant tannins and citral extract for 4 weeks, with average methane concentration per animal (AMP) measured in the nasa-oral breath by a hand-held methane measuring device. Suppression of AMP by 36% in the dairy buffalo on an adequate forage-based diet and 18% in the beef cattle on a grazing pasture declining in quantity and quality from severely dry weather conditions was recorded. It was concluded that reductions in rumen methane excretion of up to 36% may be achievable by dietary supplementation, with work on incorporation of the mix into ECBs in progress.

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Australian Government Department Of Foreign Affairs And Trade
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4 Season

"We have a received some blocks from the project and now our cattle look healthier and grow faster. Before the emission control blocks it was difficult to bring the cattle home at night, today they return home more easily because they know the emission control blocks are waiting for them."

- Mr. Lae, Farmer from Nongchong Village

"Rural Aid is proud to offer our primary producers a range of tools to help them get out of a tight spot. Lick blocks are now a part of a Rural Aid toolkit that also contains financial assistance, hay deliveries, counselling sessions, water tanks and water deliveries. In addition to the traditional benefits associated with supplement feeding, these AgCoTech lick blocks have the added advantage of reducing methane emissions from grazing livestock."

- John Warlters, CEO, Rural Aid

"AgCoTech's approach is unique - with a focus not only on reducing emissions, but also positively impacting the social and economic circumstances of Laotian farmers, and improving animal welfare. There must be real and meaningful action to preserve this planet, and our partnership with AgCoTech will allow us to contribute."

- Lance Pollard, Managing Partner, Bennett & Philp Lawyers

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